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Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee our animals will arrive alive and well. For us to honor our live arrival policy the customer must make a video recording with label clearly readable before opening the package and then show the condition of animal. If animal arrives deceased, we will refund your money or replace animal at no extra charge. Animal must be picked up the same day from Fed Ex hub or all live arrival guarantee is voided.

3 Day Health Guarantee

We offer a 3-day health guarantee of your animal. Health guarantee starts the day the animal arrives to you. During this time frame if animal is showing signs of illness the customer must contact us in this period with some proof. Please keep the reptile shipping box your animal came in to send animal back. We will refund or replace your animal at no cost. We will even pay for the shipping label and send it to you via email for printing.

Holding/Reservation Deposits

All holding/reservations require $100 non-refundable deposit. If buyer backs out of sale, we consider this as a cancellation fee. However, all other money put towards the animal is refundable. Holding/reservation deposits are only refundable if we cannot provide you the healthy animal of your choice.


When a reservation is made through us, and we set an estimated shipping/ready date for your animal, you have 30 days to pay in full. If you do not comply within 30 days of ready date. Your reservation is cancelled, and you pay a $100 cancellation fee. All other money will be refunded to you with PayPal 3% fee charges included.

PayPal Transactions

We only use PayPal business transactions to secure buyer and seller protection. When we do transactions this way the seller (us) pays a 3% overall fee for the Buyer’s (you) protection. If any refund is made the refunded customer (you) will pay the 3% fee back. However, if a refund is made because of a fault with us, we will fully refund you 100%. We hope you understand the PayPal fee, but we want you to feel secure with all transactions.

Refusal of Animal Sales Rights

We have all rights to refuse reptiles sales to anyone. If we believe that you're impulse buying without research or don't have a proper habitat setup, or believe you encourage animal abuse we will refuse you sales. If you have a pending sale, then please be prepared to show your habitat upon request. If a reservation has been made and you need help preparing a proper habitat, then we will guide you! :)

Thank you for understanding as we love our reptiles and expect you to provide the best care possible when purchasing from us!

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